The benefits of being part of a PPA

Welcome to Green Energi, We are dedicated to helping British industry to reduce carbon emissions and reducing there soaring energy costs through the power of solar energy. We are working along side an experienced specialist renewable development company, who has secured a £100m investment from an international private equity firm who wish to secure a 25 year income stream

The benefits of being part of a PPA.

A power purchase agreement (PPA) is a contract between two parties, one which generates electricity (the seller) and one which is looking to purchase electricity (the buyer).
Green Energi with our funding partners provide a fully funded solar package with our own Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) which enables companies to make the switch to low cost, clean energy without spending any capital with the added benefit that the system is 100% maintained by us and giving energy security for years to come with our fixed tariffs.

How it works

We deliver end to end service with no hassle at no cost.
  • We collect data on your current electricity usage and pricing.
  • We carry out a desktop survey and prepare your proposal which will demonstrate your savings, design and carbon reduction forecast.
  • Agreements are drawn up between both parties.
  • We will deal with the local authorities.
  • We will seek approval from the Distribution Network Operator on you behalf.
  • We organise installation.
  • We cover all maintenance including insurances.
  • We work with you as a partner re viewing the progress and savings year on year.

Our power purchase agreement

  • Our PPA term is 25 years (we offer bespoke terms in the right situation)
  • There is a buyout clause just in case you need to exercise that.
  • Price you pay for the electricity from the PV solar is fixed and will increase annually at the rate of the retail price index or 2.9% which ever is the greatest ( Government data indicates that average electricity prices in the commercial sector will rise by 5.04% year on year)
  • Invoicing and payments will take place monthly with a monthly report.
  • Any planning required we will address.
  • We will carry out a structural survey to ensure the roof’s integrity to fit PV solar.
  • We insure the system at our cost.
  • At the end of the 25 year term the system is gifted to you so the business can benefit from another 10 years or so of free electricity supplied from the PV solar.

Do you want to save money?

When switching to Solar Energy and our power purchase agreement (PPA), you can save up to 70% on your daylight electric costs We monitor the performance of the system annually and make sure the system is working to it full potential and will advise on any further savings we should be making with new tech and other renewable products that are available. We have passionate team that will become a partner to your business improving your green credentials and advising you on the best practices.

Meet Gary Spicer

Gary’s Mission

“Is to get industry off the Grid and into clean energy, lower energy costs and helping reduce carbon emissions and we do this with no up front cost leaving the companies with extra funds to build on their growth.”

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